Lounge bar in Esbjerg

Step into Appetiit – and it hits you at once: the feeling of relaxed indulgence. The aim has been to create a lounge bar to give you room to do whatever you need. Eat a burger, a steak or a delicious salad. Drink a beer or have a cup of coffee. Or just take a breather in one of our sofas. It is up to you.

Appetiit is green – and indulgent

Appetiit is all about space and plants. Even the ceiling is green. The interior design is pure metropolis with an edgy street feel, brass and leather. But we also recycle. We have made a very special table out of an old copper lift door that we found during our renovations. So you may end up sitting at a table with a door handle sticking up in the middle.

Our aim is to serve the best steaks and burgers in Esbjerg. Our raw ingredients are locally sourced and most are organic. The beef for our steaks and burgers comes from Galloway cattle sold by local butcher Theilgaard just around the corner. Our lamb and eggs are also organic and sourced from Torben Kousgaard who runs Varde Ådal Lam.

Huge range of beer and tables for sharing

We have a huge range of beer for the thirsty. We have a specially designed ten-tap draught beer system from Carlsberg – but if you prefer specialist beers, we offer the entire Fanø Bryghus range.

We have seats in the bar and tables for sharing – so you can make new friends while you dine. Only half of our tables can be booked in advance – to ensure that we always have room for anyone with a sudden Appetiit.